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Akiyuki Kubota

Music Composer

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The joy of applying music to images and expressing it through the process of making music is a joy that continues to this day. The thrill of encountering a new work of art is like making coffee slowly in the morning sun in the chilly mountains, filled with quiet joy. I make music with the greatest pride and responsibility in this work that allows me to share that time with my customers again.

-縁が縁を呼び、映像に音楽を当てて表現する喜びを知り、その喜びは今もなお続いていて、 新しい作品と出会った時の胸のときめきは、肌寒い山の中で、朝日を浴びながらゆっくりとコーヒーを淹れるような静かな喜びに溢れます。 この仕事に最大の誇りと責任を持って音楽を作っています。-

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